Police staffing called out by community commission and mayor's transition report

How many officers should the Chicago Police Dept. (CPD) have, and where? That question arose recently among members of both a mayoral transition team and the nascent public safety commission.

Yvette Loizon
CCPSA Commissioner Yvette Loizon. Photo: city of Chicago.

In July of 2023, the administration of Mayor Brandon Johnson issued a document titled "Transition Team Report to Mayor Brandon Johnson." The report came from a group of 400 people that Mayor Johnson recruited to recommend "how to make Chicago stronger, safer, and better."

Embedded in the report's 233 pages is a recommendation that the administration conduct a workforce allocation study for CPD—urging the administration to figure out how many officers the department should have, and where it should have them.

The transition report recommends a study that "incorporates an analysis of 911 calls to evaluate demands on officer time [and] develops a mathematical model for staffing determinations."

That recommendation echoes comments by Yvette Loizon, a member Chicago's Community Commission on Public Safety and Accountability, which began work in 2022. Loizon's comments came from a May 25, 2023 public meeting of the commission.

In this Inside Chicago Government audio, Loizon made a revelation—and expressed a concern—about a CPD workforce allocation study. In doing so, Loizon recalled the fatal May 6 shooting of Officer Aréanah Preston—to which police did not respond until 30 minutes after a ShotSpotter alert.

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